KWIKWARM – heat retention fabrics for thermal underwear that sborbs heat from human body heat redication to keep the wearer warm in winter.

KWIKWARM is a new technology of fabric production by Beta Textiles Co., Limited. KWIKWARM fabric takes heat from sunshine or body heat release and keeps it in the fabric to keep the wearer warm. It is a yarn based technology that improves fabric thermal performance. You do not need to wear heavy clothing to keep you heated.

heat storage fabric

Tested in artificial sunshine by comparing with normal polyester fabric of the same weight and construction, the temperature is 11.3 °C higher after exposure to artificial sunshine.

kwikwarm heat retention base layer

In addition to heat absorption and retention, the functions of the fabric includes:

  • Antimicrobial;
  • Deodorization;
  • Quick dry;
  • Soft hand feel etc.


KWIKWARM is the trademark of Beta Textiles Co., Limited.